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of technology.

ChatGPT is an advanced AI chatbot trained by OpenAI which interacts

in a conversational way.

The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup

questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject

inappropriate requests.


How to use ChatGPT ?

  • Open the Chat page on this website. DOn’t forget to choose the proper language.
  • Start a Conversation: Type in a prompt or question in the text box and press the Enter or Send button to start a conversation with ChatGPT.
  • Read the Response: ChatGPT will generate a response to your prompt, which will appear below the text box. Read through the response to see what ChatGPT has to say.
  • Continue the Conversation: If you would like to continue the conversation, simply type in another prompt or question and press the Enter or Send button again. ChatGPT will generate a new response based on your latest input.
  • Customize the Settings: If you would like to customize the settings for your chat with ChatGPT, such as the maximum length of the response or the style of the output, you can do so using the settings menu. Simply click the gear icon to access the settings.
  • End the Conversation: To end the conversation, simply close the tab or window in your web browser. Your conversation will be saved, so you can return to it later if you wish.